We do a very large amount of turfing and fencing on new housing estates throughout Central Scotland in a very competitive market which proves how cost effective we are.

From our own stock and with the scale of our buying power we win a large amount of planting contracts all around Scotland through competitive tenders from many regular commercial clients. We do a wide range of projects from mass planting to designed specimen planting schemes from our specialist nurseries.

A vital part of most landscaping projects is some element of drainage and we have nearly 30 years’ experience of designing and installing good drainage details to suit any situation from SUDs schemes and positioning surface drains and falls, to land drainage and soil improvements.

We are a trusted and competitive contractor for every type of hard landscaping from block paving and walling to patios, deckings and water features.

As part of our survey and design service we offer a free evaluation of any site which may identify options to restore existing details more cost effectively than replacement with new. With our maintenance experience and equipment we restore hard and soft landscaping areas to the highest standards very competitively.

We have a large number of maintenance contracts with various commercial clients for all the various requirements from grass cutting and treatments, hand and chemical weeding, pruning and thinning, to litter picking and snow clearance. We have a large range of machinery and equipment to cost effectively tackle any task. We have a track record of cost effective and reliable maintenance services proven by the scale of on-going business we enjoy from our commercial clients.

We comply with all health and safety requirements and can supply any risk assessment statements required for any individual projects or operations.