Driveways & Paving

Your driveway is the first impression to your property. An immaculate driveway with high quality paving, designed around your garden, outdoor space or patio creates a welcoming feel to your property – while solid foundations means you have a durable, low maintenance, high quality driveway for decades.
That is what you can expect when choosing driveways and paving from Landscape Design Contracts.

Driveways Edinburgh & West Lothian

Driveways from Landscape Design Contracts are top of the range, and very versatile. You can always count on quality and value for money. Our experienced team has been specialising in hard landscaping, paving and driveways since 1987. Whether you want a natural stone driveway, tarmac, block paving, an intricate driveway design or permeable paving – we’ll help you find the driveway solution that works for you. Landscape Design Contracts Ltd deliver high quality services with a wealth of knowledge, making sure you get the driveway that fit your needs, your location and your property.

We are among the most experienced landscape contractors in the UK. Landscape Design Contracts Ltd have been installing commercial and residential driveways throughout Edinburgh, West Lothian and Central Scotland since 1987. Thousands of properties have been improved by our comprehensive services, where we have laid hard-wearing, durable paving which integrates with the design of your property. Across Scotland and the UK you can find our driveways: Edinburgh, West Lothian and Central Scotland are some of our priority areas.

Our work on driveways and paving includes residential properties where homeowners want an outdoor space that reflects the style and quality of their house. We have installed driveways, paving, paths and patios to show homes, where outstanding driveways is part of the first impression for potential buyers. We work with commercial developers on large scale paving projects, and residential installation of driveways Edinburgh and beyond.

Whether you want paving or pebbles, cobbles, sandstone, an ornamental driveway framed by plants or classic red brick so your driveway can match your home – Landscape Design Contracts can help.

Driveways Edinburgh

We have created hundreds of beautiful driveways in Edinburgh. Driveways can be so much more than a space to park your car. Create visual interest with paving patterns, design garden walls to create a seamless transformation between your driveway and your garden, and make your outdoor space easy to navigate with dedicated paths. We use high quality materials to build driveways, and we have a range of paving and surface solutions. We start any driveway project with a survey to ensure your driveway has solid foundations and meets the technical requirements to last a lifetime. We make driveways Edinburgh will notice – why not make yours one of them?

See some of our driveways Edinburgh to learn more about how Landscape Design Contracts can help you create a beautiful outdoor area around your driveway.

Driveways West Lothian

If you are based in West Lothian, we are perfectly placed to deliver driveway installation quickly, efficiently and to the highest possible standard. We have a range of products and materials available for driveway installations. We work with you to design the driveway and paving you prefer, in a solution that can show off your personality and be a durable, hard-wearing surface that makes your property stand out. Welcome visitors or attract clients with a great first impression created by beautiful, low maintenance, high quality driveways. A good driveway increases the value of your property, while providing you a durable feature that protects your foundations, your car and your surrounding outdoor space. Contact us know to find out more about some of the best patios and driveways West Lothian has seen.

Paving Edinburgh & West Lothian

Paving your driveway makes it easy to maintain, hard-wearing and comfortable. From custom paving and bespoke designs to block paving, natural stone or permeable paving, we provide hard-wearing and durable surfaces on driveways that look good and last a long time.

There are a range of styles on offer. Choose between sturdy, simple paving that is easy to maintain, intricate designs that create a wow-effect whenever someone approaches your driveway, or opt for any selection of our range of high quality paving and driveways options so you get the style that suits you
and your property.

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