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Patios add valuable outdoor space to your property. Landscape Design Contracts Ltd are the one of the leading patio providers in Edinburgh and West Lothian, and we specialise in patio design, outdoor living spaces and paving. Since 1987 our landscaping experts have created thousands of gorgeous, high quality and practical outdoor spaces that fit your property, foundations and needs. Discuss your patio ideas, Edinburgh or beyond, with our team to make your patio dreams reality.

Patios, Outdoor Spaces and Driveways in Edinburgh & Beyond

There are many beautiful patios in Edinburgh – is yours among them? If not, Landscape Design Contracts can help. Transforming an outdoor patio space can cost less that you think, and bring great value to your property – both for yourself, for your visitors, or if you are looking to sell. Talk to the specialists at Landscape Design Contracts to discuss your patio ideas. We can provide you with a fully designed patio concept in Edinburgh and West Lothian, or discuss your patio ideas before you decide on the concept you want.

Consider these aspects of patio design when you think about what you want for your patio:

  • What materials are best for your patio – and your budget? Consider durability, aesthetic appeal, the shape and orientation of your patio space, textures and colours, and of course value for money.
  • How much privacy do you want, and how will you use your patio? Think about what is realistic in the space available and whether your patio will be a social space to gather, or primarily a through-fare.
  • Consider weather factors like sun, wind and shade when you think about patio ideas. If you want to use your patio for entertaining, you want your patio to be in a sheltered space, but if you just want something pretty to look at this may be less important.
  • How do you want to use plants and garden furniture to make your patio an enjoyable outdoor space throughout the year.
  • Do you want your patio to be connected directly to your house, or is there somewhere in your garden or outdoor space that is better suited. Remember that Landscape Design Contracts can help you determine the best position and orientation, ensuring that your patio ideas are realised in the optimal way.

Patio Ideas & Designs from Landscape Design Contracts

There are many considerations to keep in mind when building your patio. Landscape Design Contracts are specialists in patio design, Edinburgh-based and with extensive knowledge of local conditions. That means we can help you build a well-laid patio that meets all your needs.

When you choose Landscape Design Contracts as your patio supplier in Edinburgh, Lothian or Scotland, you are in good hands. We have many years’ experience working with private and commercial clients on patio spaces all across the UK. Our skilled team can discuss your patio ideas, assess feasibility, guide to to the best choices in patio materials, paving, design and outdoor landscaping, ensuring you get the best patio for you and your needs.

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